Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Squeak-a-Lot by Mertin Waddell- Charming book. Some wonderful audience participation and the story repeats so it is great for your 2 year-olds as well as pre-school age kids.

Back to Bed, Ed! by Sebastien Braun- Super cute illustrations. A lil mouse does not want to go to bed alone because he is is scared. Can he overcome is fear of sleeping alone?

Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsay Barrett George- I randomly found this book in the stacks and love it. Brilliant illustrations. Story of what an inside and outside mouse's life is like. I especially like it because each page spread has the inside mouse on the left and the outside mouse on the right. Great for a storytime about comparisons too.

The Doghouse by Jan Thomas- I love Jan Thomas's sense of humor. This books is interactive with the audience and creates a sense of drama and suspense not often achieved with picture books. Really funny!

Busy, Busy Mouse by Virginia Kroll- On one page is a busy family going about their day. On the opposite page is the mouse in his hole in the wall. Have the kids tell the story of what the mouse is doing after you have read about what the busy family is up to.

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