Tuesday, March 22, 2011

STORYTIME: 3/22/11

Our host Bunny!
Opening Song: The More We Get Together
Book: Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers
Standing Up: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Book: Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na
Fingerplay: Bunny
Book: The Apple Tree by Zoe Hall
Flannel companions to "A Frog in the Bog"
Game: What can you make with apples? Flannel board pieces with images of things you can make out of apples. Have the kids list off as many as they can. Ones I included are: Apple Crisp, Ripe Apples, Candied Apple, Apple Sauce, Apple Cider, Apple Pie, Apple Juice, Apple Jelly/Butter, Apple Turnover
Fingerplay: My Friendly Caterpillar
Book: A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson- Created a flannel board companion of the frogs stomach and add the flannel critters as he eats them in the book.
Yoga: Rain storm, sun flower, tree, shoulder shrugs, lion breathe

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