Tuesday, September 14, 2010

STORYTIME: Imagine.....

The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli - A littlle boy shows all the creative uses for the box he got for his birthday.

That's How by Christoph Neiman- Did you know the inner mechanics of a steamroller are nothing more that a parrot tickling two brown bears? Why not! In this playful book a boy imagines that the mechanics of all kinds of machines are quite different than they actually are.

Peg Leg Peke by Brie Spangler- I love books where you are talking directly to the character in the book when you read aloud. It makes for some pretty funny moments during storytime. Follow up this book with a craft where you make your own pirate hat and bird to wear!

Where's Walrus by Stephen Savage- Wordless picture book with great graphic illustrations that look like old screen prints. Walrus is cleverly hiding on each page hiding from the zoo keeper.

Blackout by John Rocco - Very few words with great illustrations that tell the story of the power going out one night in the city. Pictures are creatively laid out in panels inspired by graphic novel illustration. Make no mistake though this is a great picture book for toddlers. A fun story about what families can do when the lights go out. Ask your kids what they do when the power goes out.

What Shall We Play? by Sue Heap - Three young friends play make believe throughout a day and come up with some very fun ways to pretend. Have your kids mime some of the ways they pretend to be cats, jello, fairies and other fun interactions.

I'm Me! by Sara Sheridan- A little girl listens to suggestions from her auntie about what they can pretend to become for the day but finally settles on being herself. A bit on the longer side so do this book as your first for the program.

Chalk by Bill Thomson- A wordless picture book with amazing hyper-realist paintings. Some children find a bag of chalk on the playground and each thing they draw on the sidewalk comes to life. A great introduction to getting kids into telling the story in their own way in a picture book. If you are into Visual Thinking Strategies, this is a perfect book to exercise VTS.

Perfect Square by Michael Hall- Think "Press Here." A square gets torn up into all sorts of shapes that are turned into flowers, parks, and oceans. A very creative book that can show kids how a square can be broken down and turned into anything...with a little imagination. A great craft activity to accompany is right from the book. Give each child a square of tissue paper, have them rip it up into 6-8 pieces. Glue those pieces onto a piece of paper. Give them crayons and let them draw flower stems and leaves to make the bits of tissue paper the flowers.

Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal- What if for one day all your parents said yes to your every request? The result is a fun to read for parents and kids. From eating ice-cream to staying up late kids will appreciate the humor. When the main character asks if he can do something have the audience yell yes. Then turn the page and ask them to describe the scene

Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis- The follow up to the popular book "Not a Box" this time with a stick! Cute, clever, funny, and a joy to read aloud.

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